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Hello there,

I hope this email finds you well.

Here, I am introducing Naishtika Audio Visuals which is specialized in creating impactful video content that can vividly showcase the essence of organizations like yours.

We can offer a range of services tailored to your needs, including:
- Documentary Film capturing your community work and impact.
- Impact videos highlighting your programs and success stories.
- Awareness Raising videos to spread words about your initiatives.

Our team is skilled in storytelling that resonates with viewers, ensuring your message is conveyed effectively. We have worked for several NGOs and have other NGO projects in pipeline. We would be honored to collaborate with your organization and help bring your remarkable stories to a wider audience.

Please let us know when would you like to discuss this further. We are eager to contribute to your noble cause through our expertise.

Warm regards,

Naishtika Audio Visuals


Our  Introduction 

We help brands and businesses

We at Naishtika are a group of highly-motivated professional audio visual filmmakers, each with 10+ years of visual storytelling experience directing, filming, editing, and producing video content in multiple languages.

Our team comprises of Writers, Directors, Cinematographers, Sound Recordists, Designers, Photographers, Animation and VFX artists, VR artists and a Psychologist all with proven expertise having worked on a minimum of 50 film projects and now pooling their talents together and collaborating Naishtika.


We handle the creation of any audio Visual from concept to delivery. We hold ourselves to strict standards and ensure that everything we create adheres to the Naishtika’s brand standards.


Our  Services 

We have an extensive portfolio of work that demonstrates our expertise and originality in everything from animation to live action videos like...

  • Short films, 
  • Ad films,
  • Corporate videos, 
  • Documentaries, 
  • Music Videos,
  • Animated Videos,
  • Corporate Event Photography
  • VR (Virtual Reality) Photography etc.


Our  Portfolio 

Some of the projects which makes our portfolio strong are...


LIVE Action 

Thalassemia Awareness Theatrical PSA
School ad 1 Intellects
Mercedes Showroom Intro
FreshMenu - A New Menu Everyday (30 sec)



Corporate Films

CIPS InSights
Alumni Meet - Monash University

Public Awareness Films

Muniya... (Save Child Marriage)

Educational Series

Cyber Psychology EP01
Cyber Psychology EP2_1

App Promotion Film

Chutki - An App

Thank you very much for your kind consideration. We look forward to hearing from you.


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