Being a creative powerhouse, Naishtika™ offers a range of services to those who want to really put themselves out there. With our dynamic storytelling, we promise to set you apart. Check out the diversity of media solutions we have to offer!


The dynamics of the ad world are ever changing and we at Naishtika™ realise that.

With our divergent thinking and a knack for understanding the targeted segment, advertising solutions become not only highly engaging but also profit reaping.

Nearly all ads fail due to a lack of understanding of what the Client needs. In advertising it is all about what the Brand requires. Is it an emotional touch or a celebrity backup, Naishtika’s team of professional ad film makers understand this dilemma and spend hours brainstorming and designing the perfect ad campaign that would ultimately connect with the masses, in an instant.

From penning down the ideas to making a distinguished ad, Naishtika’s ad film makers team makes it all happen.

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