Naishtika‚ĄĘ Audio Visuals is a firm advocate of providing adequate help to the one in desperate assistance. We want to incorporate every aspect of Social Responsibility that comes our way in order to become a beacon of hope for someone less fortunate. We also wish to inspire others along our journey and ask them to follow us in our path towards making the world a better place to live for you, for us, and for everyone in it.

corporate social responsibility

With every penny we earn, our purpose is to devote a set percentage of it towards the aid of the less fortunate. We don’t want to limit ourselves with locations or but with criteria, we want to move ahead from Social Responsibility and bring in new ways of delivering required care to the underprivileged section of the society. To accomplish the same, we work with NGOs to generate consistent support for orphans, elderly and disabled among others.

With the help of our enormously skilled team, we plan to achieve new heights in building better social campaigns. We aspire to be an inspiration, we always want to lead by example and we want the Best for the ones in desire.

Our CSR objectives, although challenging, empower every member of the Naishtika‚ĄĘ team to work harder and achieve it.

2019 CSR Activities

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Help can be provided in any shape and form and our last year’s goal is a firm example of it.

In 2019, Naishtika‚ĄĘ formed a fruitful association with Samparc Balgram, Bhaje in Pune to assist hundreds of girl children with their day-to-day essentials. From soaps, toothbrushes, hair oil, shampoos, hand wash, toilet cleaners and liquid soaps, Naishtika‚ĄĘ was successful in raising more than INR 10,000 worth of items for the wonderful kids of Samparc Balgram Bhaje.¬†

Our association with the orphanage is still strong and we prompt every one of our partners to be an active member in celebrating this and similar tremendous journeys. Such an endeavor is also one of the primary motivators for Naishtika‚ĄĘ to work harder and better with each passing day.

We believe that there is no harm in giving and as a participant of the society we should be obliged to administer such efforts. This is a small step in our overall picture of reaching out to the hundreds of millions in need out there and we are adherent to flourish that goal.


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