Being a creative powerhouse, Naishtika™ offers a range of services to those who want to really put themselves out there. With our dynamic storytelling, we promise to set you apart. Check out the diversity of media solutions we have to offer!


360 Photography gives your client a feel of being at the place.  Give your client a complete idea / look of the place even though they are miles away.  

At Naishtika™, we don’t just shoot 360 photographs but give you final 360 globe after stitching and customising according to your needs. Naishtika™ inherits even the minutest of the skill sets required to create a 360 degree photo come to life. 

The next big thing in electronic media is the virtual reality (VR). Soon marketing and filmmaking is going to be all about VR. One of the biggest part of which is 360 photography and we at Naishtika™ are ready.

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