Our Process


The first leg of our video making process starts with a simple meeting. While our primary motive is to extract maximum information from the client, we also take this moment as an opportunity to bond with them and get to know them better. Why? Because we believe only in a coherent environment can ideas prosper. 

It is paramount for our clients to deliver maximum information because based on the details they provide, we construct the base, the script. We might ask our clients, a whole lot of questions during our meet, but that’s how it works. Once we have complete clarity on what our client requires, we develop basic ideas for the film / video. This idea then travels to the client who can suggest changes which then goes for script development.

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Preparing For Action

A powerful script is a dictation of an engaging film. Established upon the information extracted from our clients, we decide the kind of writer who would do justice to the idea. As each of our writers are skilled in a specific genre of film (TVC, short film, documentary, corporate films, more), we choose a writer whose skill sets amalgamates with the idea and genre of the film. 

Once we have locked our writer, they begin the most crucial process of script development. And, after a lot of coffee shorts and midnight epiphanies, we are ready with our first draft of the script. The developed script along with other details are sent across to our client who gives it a green signal, which takes us further into the most exciting part of the process.


After we have received an OK from our clients on the script, we become hyperactive. Our casting experts prepare a list of probable cast members fit for various on-screen roles. If required, we also share the cast options to the client, with details about their past experiences. 

Other aspects including costumes, makeup, cinematography team, sound team, production team, art department, direction division, and other crew are meticulously formed. Every aspect of the film, from set creation to location fixing, is then processed. When everything is ready and set to go, we go on the floor. 

We shoot based on the script and schedule. After the director says his last cut, we, very carefully, deliver the data to our post-production team, who begin the next and final step in the process.

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Final Cut & Delivery

Our post-production team takes the shoot data provided by our producers to begin editing. Background music and sound is also prepared separately by our talented team. Other aspects of post-production including voice-overs, dubbing, foley, graphic design, animation and VFX are designed based on the script, director’s picturisation and client’s vision.¬†

Once the audio-visual is edited, the draft of the film is extracted and sent to the client. Once the client gives a green signal, our colourists perform colour correction on the video and give it the final touch of excellence. 

The final version of the video is compiled in formats like (2K / 4K)¬†mov, mp4 or dcp (for theatrical screening), based on the client’s desire and delivered.¬†

When everything is set and done, a handshake and with a more experienced version of ourselves and a whole lot of memories to cherish, we start working on next. 


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