Being a creative powerhouse, Naishtika‚ĄĘ offers a range of services to those who want to really put themselves out there. With our dynamic storytelling, we promise to set you apart. Check out the diversity of media solutions we have to offer!


Living in the era of dynamic storytelling places Documentary Films on the central pedestal. 

Though entertainment might still hold a major chunk of media together, the art of capturing stories and documenting them in a way that glues audience to their screens is increasingly making itself mainstream. 

Documentary Films are inalienable to Naishtika‚Äôs filmmakers. Our Documentary Film Makers  team steer away from the conventional way of documenting real life stories and develop elements that make Documentary Films a mean of not just telling factual stories but enjoying a Cinematic bliss. 

Documentary Films require a clear sense of realism and a unique way of story telling, our award winning Documentary Film makers have acquired these skills through their years of experience.

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